Check The Security Of Your Computer System


When you own a business, it is important that your computer system be up to date and feature a number of security measures so that any vital information is protected. This is especially true if you own the type of business that sells merchandise online and customers enter their personal credit card information. The security you have in place in all of the programs you are running will need to be checked from time to time to make sure that it is still functional and will deter the latest hacking methods that people are using. There are many ways for you to check your security and you should do some research online to find a company that can help you.

Running Tests On Your Computers

One of the best ways for you to know how safe your computer system is from hackers is by running what is called a Pen Test. This is short from penetration test and what it does is try to get into your secure information on the computer. The companies that run these tests are up to date on the latest methods that are being used and they will try to use them to get into your system. Once a test has been completed, the company you hire will send a very detailed report on what was done and what the results were. If you have any areas that need to be either patched or updated, they will make recommendations on how you can go about doing this. The tests can be done on a regular basis if you choose to do so and the company will contract with you for a certain number per year.

Finding The Right Service Company

If you look on the computer under pen test, you will find that there are a number of companies who can do this. You can look at their websites to see what they will give you when they run a test. On, you will see that they have their program outlined. Many companies will set up a time and date for them to run the test and reports are typically filed with you within twenty-four hours afterward. When you receive the report, they will suggest that after you make any necessary changes that you have the system retested to ensure the security has been updated. The tests will not take a lot of time to complete and you might want to schedule it during off peak hours so that you have little workflow loss.

With the number of problems that have been on the news in recent years with stores and even government agencies having loss of information, it is wise for you to have these pen tests done for your business. Computer hacking is a huge problem in all parts of the world and it continues to grow. You can only keep your information secured if you have the right protections in place. Keeping your software upgraded is also very crucial.