How Business Can Protect their Networks

Businesses spend much time focusing on their wireless network rather than focusing on the physical aspect of the network. This is because there is nothing like physical aspects when it comes to a network. The problem is that threats can emerge from within the network, which is very difficult to handle. However, it is essential for organizations to be aware that social engineering is becoming one of the biggest threats in the world today. There are various means through which a company can improve it’s the network.

Perform Mapping and Auditing

Mapping and auditing the network is one of the first aspects that a company system administrators should undertake. It would be difficult to provide the necessary security to the network if the company does not have a clear understanding of the entire network and all the infrastructure involved. Some of the critical architectural aspects that the company should audit include routers, firewalls, Ethernet cabling, switches, and wireless access points. An audit should also conduct an extensive report on other external aspects that are connected to the internet such as computers and printers among others.

Keep the Network Up-t-Date

After conducting an intensive mapping and auditing of the whole network, it would be essential to update the system. Keeping a close check on the software and the hardware part of the network is an important aspect as it will help in detecting any network flaws. If defects and deficiencies are detected, repair and maintenance should be done to the hardware. However, updates should be done to all the software programs so that the network can start operating at its optimum levels.

Use VPN for Encryption Purposes

Cyber-attackers use big internet and software that can help them to overcome any encryption and authentication used. Palo Alto VPN setup will assist in encrypting the whole network and eliminating unauthenticated individuals that are trying to access the internet. Some emails, documents, and passwords are not allowed to access the system that should be blocked by the system. This will only happen when a good VPN is used for encryption purposes.

Installing Physical Security

Some companies use large amounts of money to provide security to the wireless part of the network and forget the physical part of the network at the same time. Providing all the necessary security to the network will be important. Companies should not only protect their internet against virus and hackers, but they should go to an extra mile and start protecting their internet against physical harm from the locals. All the buildings should be protected to prevent employees from handling the network without permission from the system administrator.

Encryption and Authentication

Encryption and authentication are added security measures that that will help the network to remain secure. Encoding means that individuals will only be required to access the system after submitting a particular code. However, those individuals who do not have the code will not be accessing the network. On the other hand, authentication is another method of verifying the encryption code used. This means that without the necessary authentication, nobody will be able to access the network.