The “T” in T1 Is for Terrestrial

Do you really need to know what the “T” stands for when you are seeking a solution or upgrade for your expanding businesses internet or network needs? Perhaps it would be better to know what the venerable T1 line does. It’s a physical connection to the information super highway. This physical connection can be copper or optical or both, and it provides greater speeds for transmitting and receiving digital data to and from your network.

Well, let’s just stop right there. Do you really need to know how your car transmission works in order to drive to work every day? Of course not, you just put it in drive and go. If you’re running a big business, studying the technical details of the mighty T1 line, or T-Carrier, is unnecessary, especially when it’s not part of your job description. What you’re seeking is performance, affordability, reliability and functionality, all in an effort to justify the need for such a connection and increase your production.

The T1 line has been around since the early days of telecommunications, and it’s a time honored, reliable way of transmitting data over distances. When a need for such a connection presents itself, it’s time to pull the trigger, and step into the world of large bandwidth data transmission. The T1 is the workhorse of the world wide web. It offers more bandwidth. Ahh, another great, undefinable term. You need more bandwidth, but do you know what it is? Again, do you need to know what a Detroit Locker is when you’re seeking better tire traction when pulling a hole shot? Of course not. You’re far too busy trying to run a successful business.

The professionals have given you what you need to know regarding the installation of a T1 line. They’ve assured you that your slow connection days are over, and industry standard customer service comes along with your new, advanced connection to the world. All of the t’s have been crossed, and all of the i’s have been dotted. The time to blow away the competition is at hand, and all you had to do was opt for a super duper fast T1 line. It turned out to be much simpler than you perceived.

The extended benefits have begun to present themselves. Improved voice communications and even large video capabilities. Opting for a T1 line can enhance nearly every aspect of most any business. Whatever the justification may be, having a rock solid connection to your network is a good business decision, particularly if your business manages large amounts of digital data. Stepping up production is always a critical decision in whatever you do. Having the right tools to do it is a no brainer. The T1 solution can put your data transmission into overdrive and evolve with your business. The expert installation of T1 service has now become a very streamlined process conducted by very skilled, certified professionals. There is very little to be concerned about when choosing the hyper speeds of a T1.