Every digital signage requires software that enables you to manage the content you display on the screen. The software tools allow you to perform various functions, including scheduling content to be displayed, creating playlists, and organizing screens into groups. Luckily, you don’t have to visit every digital signage location to change or update the content on the screen.

With digital signage software from a reliable company such as https://nordicscreen.com/, you can monitor all your digital signages, diagnose playback issues and even change content on remote screens from virtually anywhere through your device. That makes it easy to run your display contents on your digital signages, and you can tailor it according to your business needs.

Digital signage software has a wide range of features that make it effective. Here are the features to look at when choosing digital signage software.

Content scheduling

Content scheduling allows you to select the date and time you want specific content to play on the digital signage. For instance, if you have digital signage in your retail store, you can schedule it to display special offers for particular day hours or a special sale in a specific week. If you have a restaurant, you can display breakfast menus during the breakfast hours, lunch menus in the afternoon, and dinner menus at night. The good news is that you can take care of your digital signage content for the whole month in a single sitting.

Playlist building

Another essential feature of digital signage is playlist building. The playlist building feature enables you to organize the order of your content as it displays on the signage and save it for reuse. That means you don’t have to upload individual content items on every screen, and you can establish a playlist and assign it to all your digital signages.

Screen grouping

When picking digital signage software, screen grouping is another thing to keep in mind. A reliable digital signage software will allow you to create a group of the same screens, for instance, all the signages in one city. From there, you can monitor and manage the display content on all the screens from one point of contact rather than individually assigning the relevant playlist one screen after another. That enables you to control the screens remotely and sync the relevant content to all the screens at once.

Security features

Do not forget to check out security features when picking digital signage. Like many other digital tools, it is susceptible to hacking without adequate encryption in place. So researching beforehand is important to help you find a secure network with a security guarantee. That will give you satisfaction knowing that your digital signage screens are free from vulnerability and your brand is protected.

Ability to work offline

It is also good to pick digital signage with the ability to work offline such that it continues to display the last content it was showing before the network went off rather than going blank.

the takeaway

Opt for a digital signage vendor that offers top-notch features that will be valuable to you.