SEO Experts Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why

SEO for ecommerce, electronic commerce, online store, etc., is therefore all that series of actions focused on optimizing a web page of these characteristics so that it is organically positioned among the first search results of engines such as Google.

And, despite the fact that some seo actions are global for all types of web pages, there are many others specific to ecommerce.

  1. Seo strategy for ecommerce

And it is increasingly necessary to be more strategist in SEO for ecommerce to be successful. It no longer only consists of determining a series of thoughtful actions with a goal in mind, in your marketing strategy for e-commerce you will need all your “art” to analyze the competition, determine project timings , find new solutions, be more creative, And a long etcetera. But do not panic, if you have an online store luckily there are seo agencies that will take care of everything.

At catapult revenue they develop tailor-made SEO positioning strategies for ecommerce with SEO experts to take this headache away from you and you can focus on doing what you really know: sell your product / service. And if you are starting as an ecommerce seo professional, do not miss these 10 keys that will help you in your seo positioning strategy. Let’s go there!

  1. Internal and external analysis

To set your seo strategy for ecommerce you must determine the needs of ecommerce.

With an internal and external analysis you will be able to analyze the ecommerce sector, the competition, weaknesses, strengths, product / service, value proposition and above all, at what point is online commerce and from what point it starts to outline the marketing strategy for e commerce.

  1. Dynamic websites vs static websites

Not all online stores are WordPress or Prestashop. It is recommended that before setting the seo strategy for ecommerce, a basic step is to see if the website you will work on is a dynamic website or a static website.

  1. Keywords

Both in seo for ecommerce and in the web positioning tasks of any page, the so-called “keywords” are essential. Choose those that are more related to your business, look at the volume of searches and the competition.

And remember, you will never rank for generic words being a small online store so select keywords long tails.